Discover Your Passion

The most challenging part of life after graduation is discovering what you are good at. Questions come to mind like “What is my passion?” “What is my purpose?”

Through the workshop of “Discover your passion,” we will give you guidance on how to answer these questions and how to really discover your PASSION.

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Having a passion and having a dream is great! But going through the journey of achieving your dreams and passions, you will need to face your fears!

In this session, we will give you a hand on how you can face different kinds of fears with TRUE-LIFE STORIES and EXPERIENCES.

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Face Your Fear


Determine Your Risk

As you know, there are other risks when you try to follow your dream and passion other than just fear.

In this session you’ll get to know how to measure other risks, how to deal with them, and how to face them.

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Attention: Fresh Graduates!!!

Life after graduation may seem like a challenge. If you feel this way, this program is for you!
Building on the success of ‘Enlighten’ round 1, we’re happy to announce round 2!
In this program, you will find:
-Guidance to discover your purpose, passion, and what you’re good at.
-Soft skills development required for corporate life
-Help to find your matching career path.
-Training on how to be impactful, whether in corporate life or in your own business.

4 Topics will be discussed:
Discover your Passion
Find your Dream
Face your Fear
Determine your Risk

Every Applicant will walk home with a handout (a hard copy of the materials that will be presented)

Date: Friday Nov 20th
Time: 10 AM to 4 PM
Applicants should be Fresh Graduates.

Program will be run on one day only, including 2 coffee breaks.

A Meeting Room in Kornesh El Maadi.
Exact Address will be sent to the confirmed Candidates.

Limited Seats Available: 12 ONLY
Fees: 100 EGP

You can apply through this link:

Once your Application is accepted, we will contact you with the payment methods to complete your Registration.

Deadline for receiving applications and for paying the fees is Wednesday Nov 18th!

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Last Round

In the last round we talked about CV Writing, Interview Skills, and How to Enter the Corporate World!